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Simple Game Engine

This project began as a semester long assignment for a C++ Programming course in my Master's program. Over the course of several months we created a very simple game engine based on the GLib graphics library, complete with collision detection, physics, 3D math, and memory management. 

This experience was invaluable for me, as I learned about C++ in the context of game development, how game engines fundamentally work, and how to apply physics, linear algebra and computer science fundamentals to games.

After the course, I continued the project into the summer and extended it to work with OpenGL rather than GLib. To my surprise, my functions and libraries worked, which was a thrill. This also gave me a chance to explore graphics, and I spent a lot of time messing around with GLSL to create interesting shaders. I also learned about the process of rendering, texturing, etc, which helped me in future courses. (2).gif
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