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Trauma XR is a medical VR game developed by the University of the Utah's GApp Lab, for the Oculus Rift and Quest headsets. The game is based on the ATLS Trauma workflow, which determines how incoming trauma patients should properly be assessed and treated in critical situations. 

As an engineer on this project, I designed and created the back-end, which keeps track of the workflow, the player's progress, as well as the status of the 'patient', and their vitals. I also designed a system to assess their score based on their deviance from the workflow. This was an exciting challenge, as I not only had to establish a foundation for the game's systems, I had to also design them in a way that they would be easy to use for other people, especially other engineers who would be taking over the project after me. 

This project was also a great chance for me to put a lot of computer science to the test, as I got to implement my own graphs, data structures, state machines and search algorithms. 

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